About Me

Danni Terresa


Hello everyone! My name is Danni Terresa and I am very happy you want to know more about me! I am not sure exactly where to start, but I can answer some questions that I get asked a lot.

I have not been lifting out that long. I started 3 years ago in 2015. My athletic background helped me to gain a lot of muscle very fast naturally which lead me to compete in bodybuilding shows.

I used to play a lot of sports. I was an athlete in school. I played all the sports and was pretty good at them all too. I liked to play football, (soccer) hockey, basketball, rounders. I also did a lot of swimming and track and field.

Shortly after I started to lift weights I entered my first female bodybuilding competition, which was; NABBA (National Amateur Bodybuilding Association)

I placed 4th overall in female bodybuilding, which is very good considering I have only been bodybuilding for 4 months! After the NABBA show I decided to only compete in Natural bodybuilding shows such as the; UKDFBA (United Kingdom Drug Free Bodybuilding Association) I am a UKDFBA world champion!

I believe that my achievement are remarkable in the short time I have been lifting weights for. I will only improve in the future, and I am excited for whatever the future brings.

My Measurements

Muscle Measurements


13.5 Inches


19.5 Inches


14 Inches


Frequently Asked Questions

Nice try! No way am I giving away my age!

In my “off season” I weigh 115lbs. I try to stay lean all year round.

I am pretty short. I am only 5ft 2″

United Kingdom

Unfortunately I am not single at the moment. There is a lucky many in my life!

This might suprise you but I don’t lift very heavy. I do lots of reps with light weights. I like the burn and pump feeling!

My biceps of course! Ohhh and maybe my abs! that is a tough question.

I do offer a variety of sessions. I started doing wrestling and muscle worship sessions in 2017. Contact me for more info about my sessions.